Get To Know The Blogger

Do I welcome you to this page or what? And if so, how so? Let me simplify things with a hey, I’ll add an exclamation mark so you know that it’s a friendly hey. There, look: “Hey!”. That’s friendly enough, right? I’m hoping it’ll suffice for about as long as until you get to the end of this paragraph.

Wheeey! We got there. Nah, let me properly introduce myself – HEYYYYYYYYY! I’m Fahmida, I’m eighteen years old and am currently studying an undergraduate degree in Law.

On first impressions, most people are struck by, and remember me for, my trademark glasses 👓. They are not so much a trademark as much as they are, quite simply put, just a normal pair of rectangular small frames, which not a lot of people wear anymore. The type that your grandmother might wear (except your grandmother probably takes care of her glasses and the sides of her glasses probably don’t have scratches on them). But by God, by Goldie (that’s my goldfish) do I love my grandmother glasses!

Other than that, in terms of physical appearances, I look like any other brown girl, I guess? I’m 5’3 (if I remember properly), so of average stature, and I have black hair, dark brown eyes, my skin tone is light brown, but a yellowish (glowy, I should add, “God bless”, you should add) brown and I’m of a medium build ((so, not slim, but not (well, I bloody hope not, anyway) tubby, either)).

I was born and bred in London, as a result of which I have a tendency to use London slang. When I phrase it ‘London slang’, I don’t know why, but ‘cockney-rhyming slang’ comes to mind. This isn’t what I’m referring to. I’m referring to London slang, colloquialisms which are used predominantly by teenagers in London.

When some people (who do not yet know me very well) meet me for the first time, I’m guessing that it is from some peculiar correlation made between my otherwise formal and standard use of English, together with the grandma glasses (which make me look mature for my age, I am told), that they assume I suddenly missed my exposure to London slang, whilst, all the time living in and attending school in Central London. This isn’t the case. What is the case however, is the presence of words such as “mad”, “banging” and “fam” within my lexicon, which is a common feature of the language used around friends.

While this is all so very fascinating (!), it gets better. When I’m not demonstrating my oh-so-amazing lingo, I am, of course, living life on the wild side – Sunday afternoons are spent with my head buried deep inside a book, green tea on standby 🐸☕️📖. Friday nights can be somewhat different, if I’m feeling sociable, and the extrovert in me decides she wants to join the party, join the party she does. Usually though, I spend whatever time I have left over after I’ve finished my readings for university, socialising with my close friends, one with whom I go to Nando’s (we’re so original, I want at least five rounds of applauses tenks) at least twice a week and bitch about uni with. The other two and I work our way through the restaurants in London, sipping on mojitos and chatting about life. And when I’m not spending time with them, I am of course going on cute dates with my other best friend, who I bond with over watching reruns of Catfish together lol 😭.

Although I try to be as sociable as possible, I have over the last three or four years, become more introverted, which isn’t always a bad thing. For the most part, this means that a large amount of my time is spent enjoying my own company, lying in bed, all snuggled up and cosy, and watching one character or another from Game of Thrones being brutally beheaded and meeting their ever so merry end. (I know right, oh the joy!!!).

At the moment, I’ve just finished my first year at university, which means that I, quite unusually, have a bit of time on my hands. I enjoy travelling quite a lot and it’ll be interesting to see if anything will top my trip to America last Summer. So whilst travel arrangements have yet to be confirmed, fingers crossed, travelling should resume shortly! 😊

Other than that, as with every Summer, I have a fresh list of books to read, some of which I’m hoping to review on this blog. And of course, I, an avid fan of gorey ends, will continue following Game of Thrones (which I still haven’t quite caught up with due to exams), as well as catching up with and re-watching some of my other favourite shows including: ‘Orange is the New Black’, ‘Merlin’, ‘Heroes’, ‘The Inbetweeners’, ‘Skins’ and I can’t think of the rest, (but if it’s a good show, I probably already watch it because I watch a fair amount of TV).

I’m going to wrap this first introductory blog up now because I’m not really feeling like  continuing prattling on and boring you to death 😁. Someone once told me something along the lines of: “Fahmida, you’re like a book, with many pages but you have to keep reading and the story gets better with each page” (shout out to you Markyyyy lad). If we’re taking Mark’s word for it, the story should get better with each upcoming blog. For the moment though, wherever you are, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first page and are having a good day 🙂







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